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MinistryPlatform is a browser based application that will allow your team to manage people, events, groups, donations and just about any other bit of information that you need.  The core application is designed to provide the data management tools necessary for data entry, reporting, and data extraction.  Of course we just provide you with the base, and once live on the system, the sky is the limit on what you can do with MP.  Here are some of the key features of the platform:

  • Open Architecture

    MP is built on an open architecture database, making it very easy to understand and extend.

  • API

    The API has full access to all tables and fields giving you the freedom to integrate and build.

  • People

    Church is a gathering of people living and proclaiming the Gospel. MinistryPlatform will help you track, connect, and communicate with those people.

  • Groups

    Create small groups, ministry teams, administrative groups, and any other group you can imagine.

  • Events

    From registration to check-in our suite of tools allows you to handle events large and small.

  • Mobile

    On the go? Connect with your congregation anytime anywhere.

  • Messages

    Do you need to email and text groups and people? Yep we do that too!

  • What Else?

    In addition to all of this, we have a professional services team that is committed to helping you!
    And did we mention that we do all software updates?


What makes us different?

MinistryPlatform is the only Church Management System built on top of an easily extensible data platform.  With this powerful data management engine we are able to tune different interfaces to the specific needs of the audience, all while maintaining a strong centralized database of church information.  MinistryPlatform is a suite of ever-evolving tools that enable not only data management, but ministry to take place in a variety of contexts.



MinistryPlatform is an enterprise class data platform, but more than that, it is the heart of everything we do.  MinistryPlatform has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using the latest technologies to ensure we deliver a best of breed software application to our Churches.  From our OAuth authentication server to our flexible and easy to use data search grid, our technology enables ministry.  From one simple interface you can get ministry done.  People, families, groups, events, donations, and much more can all be managed quickly and easily.  Tools help to speed up managing complicated sets and types of data.  Messaging allows you to rapidly connect to people you need to minister to.


Our second generation check-in system doesn't just handle Kid's Ministry.  This robust web based check-in system can be configured to print a variety of labels and up to 3 labels for each person checking in.  This provides flexibility for Kid's Ministry, Adult Ministries, childcare scenarios and much more.  Our check-in system is fully integrated so that after the event over, you can run a full range of reports from the platform.


Mobile Tools

MobileTools give your ministers a way to interact with information no matter where they are.  From finding and contacting people to managing small groups, MobileTools connects people to make ministry happen.  Care Cases empower your church to be the hands and feet of the gospel by facilitating real care to real people.  Completely responsive, this powerful tool will allow your church to access data in the building, at home or on the go.


The Portal allows your congregation and the world at large to interact with your church and its data.  From Online Giving to Event Registration to Mission Trips and even Contribution Statements - the Portal is the place for people to connect and engage in the ministry of the church.  The Portal is skinned to match your website and allows your communications team to maintain the high standards for the look and feel they have already established on your website, while extending the power of your Church Management System onto the Internet.


In addition to the software we build, maintain and constantly enhance, we also have an incredibly powerful API.  It's so powerful in fact, we use it ourselves to build everything except the platform.  Our API gives your church the flexibility to build beyond our designs, all while resting on the fact that we do the software upgrades.  This means that you have the power to build the tools your ministry needs (or outsource that if you aren't into programming) all while not worrying about future software updates.  ThinkMinistry believes in the "eat your own dog food" approach to software, so we build all our tools using the same API you get to build with. For more information about the API, please contact our sales team.

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