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Team 2017

There is an amazing team behind MinistryPlatform. From development to sales and support, our entire team is here to work with your church. We enjoy connecting with our customers. Learn more about our team, and connect with us online.

Chris Kehayias


"I want to see every church using technology to make disciples around the world."

Kevin McCord


"Apps come and go, but data is forever."

Stephen Wareham


"We strive to bring best-of-breed solutions, technologies, and capabilities to the church"

Tavie Allan


"It's not about technology, it's all about people."

Megan Christianson

Product Development Director

"Leverage the power and flexibility of MP for your unique church culture and ministry niche."

Melissa Reveles

Training Director

"I am beyond excited to be a part of the MinistryPlatform Support Team."

Andrea McGough

Support Director

"Shepherd the data, and you shepherd the flock. How can we help you care for your flock?"

Traci Vincent

Professional Services Director

"We are all in God's Service together using technology to it's full potential with JOY!"

Don Jewett

Infrastructure Manager

"I am happy to help you leverage the platform to advance God's Kingdom!"

Trace Jackson

MP Evangelist

"My favorite thing about the platform is that it comes with a community!"

Esther Thompson

Events Director

"Leave people better than you found them"